Friday, 3 September 2010

The Quantum Project

Hi Everyone!

Man it has been one hell of a month. I have been putting the final touches on a new research project I have been working on for the past 2 years and I have to say I have had nothing but extreme excitement from all those who have been a part of the project. We are so excited to get this out, but I want to make sure it is perfect!

The name of the new empowering technology is: The Quantum Project. What is the Quantum Project? This is 2 years in the making and it took literally 30 years of study and research to get to this unbelievable insight that is going to blow your mind. I can't tell you exactly what it fully entails here but I can give you a brief rundown of what we found and how we plan to disseminate it. Don't worry, we have really kept cost down because its our goal to reach as many people as we can. You see I believe our world is in serious trouble that if it keeps going in the direction it is going we will not recognize the aftermath before long. This is urgent and is something I can't stress enough.

For over 25 years I have been interested in one thing; finding out what makes humans behave and more specifically how they can overcome challenges and reach true actualization. I know that we are going to need a different breed of human, a kind of super human to help get this world out of its mess and in my work I have found, using classical physics, quantum physics, neurology, physiology, psychology, and yes even religion there is a very powerful universal force we all have that when used can change anyone who is willing to put forth the effort into a kind of super-hero. Lets face it we need a kinda super hero, or a fleet of super hero's to turn this diseased planet around and the only way to do this is through certain natural laws and universal intelligence!

I can give you a Little specific to give you an idea of what I am talking about. By the way, I cant go into great detail because for this to be properly disseminated I have found that there is a certain way that it is best done in a systematic way that fosters the true learning process. It is true we can all agree that we can divide humans up into three parts. I call this the Human Triad. The first is the most important because it is where we are connected to the greatest force in the universe. This I call the mind or our spirit. We are not speaking of the brain because the mind is non-material. The next part of the triad is the neurology of the human which includes the brain and the neurons that connect the body to the brain. The final part of human is the physiology which includes the structure like muscles, bones and at the macro level the systems chemistry.

The Human Triad is really a system that when it is in true working order and when the person, the "I", the spirit, or just mind understands how it is operated can do absolutely anything. In fact, I can say without reservation I believe that Jesus had full use of his triad and is the reason he created the miracles he created. We call his works miracles, but please understand that anytime we see something done we don not believe is humanly possible we label it a miracle. I promise you will no longer see them as miracles, you will see them as scientific fact and you too will be able to harness these powers just as Jesus did and as our creator intended for us too.

I am anticipating an extraordinary demand for this understanding due to the market research numbers we have received on three separate occasions. The numbers went through the roof and it is a bit overwhelming. However, because a small group of us are in touch with these extraordinary gifts we have come together and decided to create a Master-Mind-Alliance of other like minded and passionate people who really want to make a difference and be a part of what will be a revolutionary way in how humans think, feel, and behave.

We will be holding a serious of on-line and in-person conventions that will combine training these skills and in developing administrative ways to disseminate it so we together can save this planet from destruction. I remember being told one time after asking a peer how I can become a leader and he said, "you have to recognize the need for a leader and take it!" I believe that to be true and I believe anyone who has payed attention to what is going on around us and who has a huge passion to really make a difference will take heed of my friends advice. When you commit to the first event you are taking a role as a leader.

We will need trainers, administrators, practitioners and more. The important thing to remember is that anyone who accepts this challenge not only gets to jump into living a purpose driven life filled with great meaning and be a part of a revolutionary change in the way we see humanity and get others to see reality they will also have to be trained in this technology that you will soon see is truly how we are suppose to operate.

I ask however that if you are someone who is not the kind of person who really wants to make a difference, who gets along fine following others and just minds their own business we will get to you when we reach the world, but for now please continue living the life you want to live. Again, we want only those individuals who are ready for something big, something that, for eternity, will change the way life on earth will be lived and lived for the better. We want, what I call, 1%rs, those small percentages who actually truly want to live life to the full.

I am so excited to get the ball rolling and I will work day and night to get the program ready for convention. Until then please keep reading the blog and we will keep you informed as to when you can expect to sign up and come to the first on-line convention to learn the nuts and bolts of The Quantum Project. For now get excited and get ready to become a real life Super Hero and help us Take Care of Business!!!


Dr. John P. DeMann
Director of The Quantum Project

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