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Seminar Soteria


I am writing you to inform you on a very powerful concept that can determine your success or failure in life. The truth is that in life our success is not based on our ability, but on our understanding and use of influence. Now may think influence is something that the con artist uses, but the truth is in life all who have attain a certain level of power have done so using the 6 laws of influence I am going to inform you of in this email.

The fact is that our life is dependent on our ability to achieve a high level of understanding and use of the laws of influence so much that without knowing how to use these laws effectively one can be assured that their lot in life will be limited to the level at which his or her superiors have in terms of understanding and using the 6 laws of influence. In other words the greater ones superior have in terms of understanding and use of the 6 laws will determine how far they will allow us to go.

To take back full control of your life it is imperative that you understand at useful levels the 6 laws of influence. In truth the 6 laws of influence are the key factors that create the most powerful people in the world. Now I want to be sure you know I would not be providing you this information if I felt you were not going to be using these laws ethically, but I know that you and I operate on the same ethical level and for that reason it is important that you receive this valuable information so you can get your message out.

I believe that those who are going to give back the most to the world will hold influence as a power and those who abuse it will lose it, but what you should be concerned about is the fact that the individual who is using it in unethical ways could use it to the point that affect your life in such a negative way that eventually it may be too late to defend yourself against the con artists in the world who abuse these laws. This is the most important reason I want you to have these 6 laws so people like you with high standards can give the world someone who will improve the lot of others including their selves.

You may ask how this can be done; the best way is to attend the Seminar: Soteria that is being held on June 30th 2007 at the RAF Museum in London. That is right you now have the opportunity to enhance your power in your environment and start getting from life what it owes you. I know you work hard, but sometimes working hard is not the complete answer, the truth is working smart is now becoming more important and is truly what one really needs to do these days and truly join the big guns living the plush lives, but more important lives in peak experiences on a daily basis.

Just so you understand how dangerous this concept is the US has created laws to protect consumers against its unbelievable power that it has on others, a hypnotic power that causes people to do what they normally would not do. For example, if you have a friend that is overweight who does not have the will power to go to the gym regularly and eat healthy? Are you the type that thinks that if you use a powerful concept that influences another into improving the quality of their life you can truly help that person even though it may be done in a seductive way? Or do you think that would be unethical and that your friend would need to be told what your intentions are? How about if the person is not told what to do in a way that inadvertently influences them and they die because they are not willing to lose the extra weight on their own and the only way they would is if they are so called tricked into losing the weight?

What if you could help a friend stop living pay check to pay check, would that not be the best in the end? If so why not influence your friend in a roundabout way and get them back on track. The ethical stance I am concerned about is selling a car to someone they do not need and one that would put them over their head financially. I would suggest that those who know the power to influence, specifically the 6 laws of influence, own a responsibility to influence those they have power over in such a way that in the end their life turns out to be very healthy and effective. The fact is that influence can be used for negative reasons and for positive ones. In the end those who abuse the 6 laws will never last, but those who use them for the good of others as well as for self will be the ones who own it and who will be using it and gaining everlasting power over their immediate environment.

Last I want to say a word about power. Power is something that one has to earn and earning it requires one to know the 6 laws to the “T” and when applied accidently in a negative way have the ability to fix any damage done. But you will find it rare that one will use the laws unjust and I am certain that each person, including you, will generate the power needed to reach your true potential and lot in life!

As mentioned above you are being given a unique opportunity to attain the 6 laws of influence and much more. The truth is you will be able to attain these 6 powerful laws of influence at a very reasonable rate. For just $499.00, approximately 252 pounds, you can receive the most powerful information in the area of personal and professional development at the Royal Air force Museum on June 30th 2007 at 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The great news is that you will also receive the following as a side benefit:
1. Understanding your purpose in a clear and focused way.

2. Living a life of prevention with balanced wellness.

3. Learning a system of learning that will change the way you understand learning. It is so powerful that this part of the program is worth 5 times the amount paid for this seminar alone.

4. Development of Emotional Intelligence starting with Self-Regard. This part of the program will take you through various practical’s to practice pro activity and more.

5. You will also attain your code of conduct that will help direct the choices you make even in times of anger. The idea is to understand the 24 character strengths and virtues and creating your code of conduct in understanding your true strengths.

6. You will also attain the knowledge of your true gift and be able to give the world your gift in all your work and play.

7. Here you will understand leadership in terms of leading by emotion. What does this mean? It means that we are most driven in life by a compelling purpose that propels us to emotional levels that produce results. Fact is we are entering what I call the emotional age. We have just ended the information age and it is those who have the ability to control not only their own emotions but the emotions of his /her followers is the one who will achieve the highest level of success in anything they do.

8. Also you will be able to see more clearly the roles you play and what you are truly after in these relationships.

9. You will also gain insight into skills and tools like the 6 laws of influence that can truly create peak performance each and every day.

10. Another benefit you will receive is that it is disseminated in such a way that you receive, via research, a 667% greater return and retention rate compared to other training programs, workshops, seminars and the like. This has been proven to work and you will be amazed at the programs integrity and complete proactive approach to receiving a benefit above and beyond expectations.

11. Another powerful tool, you will receive is the 12 coaching sessions that are included in the price and the set up of a mastermind alliance with no more than 12 per group and no less than 5 per group. The coaching program alone has a value of $3600.00 if you were to receive coaching on its own. The seminar is only $499.00 or an approximate 252.00 Pounds which is well below the price of coaching alone. To boot you are also receiving all the other benefits as well like the Pillars of Excellence Peak Performance and Life Enhancement Course that in and of itself will change your personal and professional life to heights you have only dreamed possible if everything falls into place.

With this program you will receive the following:
1. The Pillars of Excellence: Peak Performance and Life Enhancement Course.

2. The Pillars of Excellence: Peak Performance and Life Enhancement Course 237 page Manual that has all the material to support you in the process and for a lifetime.

3. The Seminar: Soteria
A. Creating a driving force that will motivate and inspire you to achieve the life you have always dreamed of.

B. Developing extraordinary wellness using the Pillars research designed exercise and nutrition program that is easy to use and follow.

C. Creating a super power memory and learning strategy that follows FMRI research data that supports specific actions required to internalize what you learn so you can use it effectively and to the benefit of reaching your dreams.

D. Developing Emotional Intelligence using 20 plus exercises that will blow you away and guide you in developing the emotional intelligence that allows you to create charisma and rapport with anyone you desire.

E. A true understanding of your character strengths and virtues where you can use your strengths to enhance your ability to attain extraordinary performance where you create a code of conduct that supports your values and beliefs. In short, you will be able to live life without a task list that often causes us to procrastinate.

F. The ability to know your strength and your calling so you can give back to the world at random and receive the emotional feelings related to the concept of Flow that was developed by Dr. Csikszentmihalyi, the famous psychologist who made the “Zone” a household concept where not only athletes can benefit, but all in society can.

G. You will also learn the power of Primal Leadership where you will be able to motivate yourself and others using the concept of Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Flow. Also where you will understand how to create Power using the concept of Influence and the 6 laws that make it so powerful. With influence alone I want to stress that one will have the ability to control the environment they live in and provide those around them a sense that they want to see you succeed.

H. You will also be able to produce more than expected using the concept of CANI or constant and never ending improvement by utilizing the Pillars of Excellence: Peak Performance Technologies that have been created using the research from the National Research Council: In the Mind’s Eye: Enhancing Human Performance. It also uses specific developments used in sports psychology that has improved tremendously since the USSR fell and their research was made public. This material alone is worth all the money spent on this program. You will also receive specific technologies that I have created using the most up to date technology using FMRI’s and other top of the line research technologies that are allowing us to see inside the brain and determine what works and what does not work.

I. This program allows you to live in such a way that is conducive to what you want. In other words, the program uses coaching techniques in the coaching process that allow the client to be the expert in the relationship because the Pillars uses a Humanistic approach that says the client knows what is best for the client. Most programs, unlike this one, come to tell you what you need to be like or what you need to be or do; The Pillars Program asks you what you want from life and then provides you a powerful tools which you will learn including The GPA: Life Cycle Process. The GPA: Life Cycle Process has taken researched material on goal setting and has reversed negative feedback or outcomes that say most goals set are never attained. In fact, only 3% of goals set in New Year’s resolutions are ever achieved, which means that 97% are not attained. This means that we fail 97% of the time when setting goals. The GPA: Life Cycle Process has been researched and the numbers it proved in its look was that those who used the GPA: Life Cycle Process was able to attain a 98% success rate in achieving one’s goals. This means only 2% did not and a complete reversal of the initial numbers were attained using The Pillars of Excellence: GPA: Life Enhancement Technologies.

J. You will be given an approach that is practical and usable. Most programs seem to look great when you hear of them, but in the end using them comes to be impossible or at best limited because of the cognitive requirements needed to apply the procedures. The Pillars Seminar: Soteria allows one to internalize the ideas and concepts so they are used at an unconscious level that allows us to use it automatically and consistently.

K. You will also be set up in a group with 7 other members max and 5 minimum that will provide you the ability to have the support both emotionally and physically to achieve the goals you set in the program. These master mind groups will be a great way to commit to others and yourself that will provide you the motivation to consistently move forward and give you the opportunity to support other likeminded individuals to achieve their goals.

I want to make sure you fully understand that this is a seminar that is unlike any other seminar you have ever gone to and I will say with confidence you will ever go to in a lifetime, you do not want to pass this seminar up! In the master mind groups you will be able to have the support needed in order to truly accomplish what you set out to do and this in and of itself is extremely valuable. The truth is that all you receive individually in the program is worth more then what you pay for the entire program.

You may ask why I am not charging more for this extraordinary event and the answer to that question is simple; I am not greedy. I need to make enough to create the financial support to make this the best experience possible, without going overboard. Many Seminars today are very similar to rock concerts. The idea is noble, but the fact is the amount of money spent on these extravagant affairs is not compatible to the level of learning one receives using the rock style approach. Often this approach is there to support the ego of the presenter. Not with the Pillars Seminars, we want to bring you a powerful approach that gives you the best experience possible without costing you an arm and a leg to support the ego of the facilitator. Remember anytime you walk into a seminar and you see all the lights and productions spending you are looking at what the promoters have spent to get you there, but you are always going to pay for it in some way shape or form. Why not get better results in a more learning supportive atmosphere and at the same time pay much less for what you receive.

I also want to make sure you know my game plan. In the near future I am going to produce my own shows that will be consistent and user friendly. I am going to make them so you can afford them and organize them in a way that allows consistent growth and understanding. I want you to come back and learn because I believe learning is a lifelong process. I will commit to you that in this process I will give to you the most entertainment I can without jeopardizing cost and more important learning. I have something very powerful to share, something that can improve your life consistently and keep you focused on what matters most. For example, in August I am promoting a seminar called Neuro-Imaging-Programming that will teach you how to connect the mind and body, but more important the spirit that will allow you to take each area of the Pillars of Excellence Philosophy and bite deeply into the concept to master the idea. The truth is that in the Seminar: Soteria you will get all you need, but I know from experience that all knowledge changes via research and since we have our own research and development department and the work we do in schools allows us to use their research departments to back up what we find it is imperative to consistently improve the quality of the programs.

Below I have provided you the details to the Seminar: Soteria for your convenience. Please know that to get to the website to order or to read more about what we do please follow the appropriate links and go to Products, then click on Seminars and from there page down to find the seminar that meets your needs. Also note that we offer this in audio format as well and we will be selling Soteria: The Audio at the event for a special rate. However, if you know you cannot make it to the event you can go ahead and purchase Soteria: The Audio and get extraordinary results and for a minimum amount for coaching we can also give you extraordinary support to create similar results. You can also do it with a friend, but the best of all worlds is to go to the event as it will be a life changing event. I look forward to seeing you there and being a part of the growth that lays waiting ahead for you and those you care most about. This is going to be an experience that will allow you to get out there and do in life what you have only dreamed of doing and finally obtaining your true levels of performance that will provide you and your family and friends the life only most dream about; see you there!

Creator and Presenter: John P. DeMann, Ph.D.

DATE: June 30, 2007

LOCATION: Royal Air Force Museum, Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL

TIME: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Seminar will begin at 9:00 AM Sharp

PRICE: $499.00 U.S. until June 15th after June 15th the price goes up to $599.00 U.S.

CONTACT AND TICKET SALES: http://www.7poe.com/Products-Seminars.aspx?cid=seminars or call 513-336-7172.

EMAIL: john@7poe.com

WEBSITE: http://www.7poe.com/

Notice that we have provided you an exchange rate calculator to give you the tools to see the exact rate you will be charged in pounds. We hope this has given you information to help you understand this seminar fully, but if you have any questions please never hesitate to call or email me directly so I can be of any assistance.

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