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An Interview with Julie Preston

Mason Ohio – July 8, 2007 – There’s always that one New Year’s resolution that comes back to haunt us year after year only to remain unfulfilled. How often have you made it through the holiday feasting to find a few mysterious extra pounds hovering around your midsection and resolved that “this year, I’m going to get into shape”?

And how often has that resolution fallen by the wayside once the fireworks die down and you get back into the momentum of your life?

We asked the experts at The Pillars of Excellence, Dr. John P. DeMann, to tell us the five most manageable ways to get in shape and stay in shape for the New Year.

In case you have not heard of The Pillars of Excellence and Dr. John P. DeMann, they work with many medical doctors and health care providers in the United States helping their patients rid excess body fat, increase energy and stay fit through custom health and fitness programs. The Pillars of Excellence and Dr. John P. DeMann work with countless individuals, companies and organizations helping them to stay in shape. Below is what the certified personal training staff told us on how to make it a fit and a healthy year:

1. Drink lots of water – Our bodies are made up of something like 70% water. Just a 1% drop in water intake can severely dehydrate you, limiting your performance in every aspect of your life.
2. Cut out fast food – Fast food just isn’t good for your body. Regardless of what the high-powered advertising agencies tell you. Fast food has too many chemicals, food additives, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, fried foods, and an overall lack of nutrition. If high calorie, non-nutrition is what you are after, fast food may be for you. The personal trainers advise against this bad habit.
3. Eat 5-7 small meals per day – Yes, you heard that right! Small frequent meals throughout the day not only levels out your blood sugar, decreasing the lows you may experience throughout the day, but eating sensibly, and often, will provide your muscles and body with the appropriate nutrition you need to get you through your entire day.
4. Exercise every day – Old research said you must exercise 30 minutes a day, but the latest experts suggest this just isn’t enough. What do you need to get in the best shape of your life? 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, daily.

5. Consult a personal trainer – Let’s face it; personal trainers know their stuff. They train, study, and devote themselves to being a better health and fitness expert every day. They work out every day, eat smart, and are right in the middle of several teams of experts. If you just booked one session to ensure you are on the right track, your body will thank you for it. Not to mention your significant other.

We also wanted to know more about Dr. DeMann. What we found out was mind blowing, this guy is serious and he is not slowing down! Here is what he had to say: I believe it is important to understand who is providing you information on whatever endeavor you are after so you may gain trust with the person and the organization giving you the information to succeed. Today we live in a dangerous world and each day we are asked to purchase or listen to some of the strangest crap. I know your time is limited so I like to keep as much information to a minimum, but in order to gain your trust I need to make sure you know who I am.

Much of my success I attribute to my mental reality, in other words how I interpret the world. I am an expert in Human Behavior, is that not what all this is about, how we behave, what actions we choose and what we decide to do in response to stimulus’s that present themselves to us daily. I have accumulated what I believe to be important criteria to meet the professional standards to become the top in my field. It is crucial to be able to make decisions and choices that support your values; in fact, I believe that to be fulfilled we must be able to make our actions flow in line with our values which then create peak experiences. My credentials are as follows:

My name is Dr. John P. DeMann. I specialize in performance enhancement in life, sports and business. I also do work for discrete organizations looking for ways to enhance personnel and give them the upper hand in sensitive areas. I coach and consult individuals and organizations in peak performance strategies and life enhancement technologies to give the user of the technologies the ability to be well versed so they can use what they learned in such a way that is unconscious and automatic.

Since a young man I have asked the same question over and over: “What is it that makes one perform circles around another, even if they are not as gifted.” In this quest I have come up with some extraordinary answers. The great thing is this, I am not just someone who decided to study this for no reason, I have lived it and I will provide you a list of my credentials to help you gain trust in me so you feel more comfortable hearing what I have to say. The following is a list of my credentials, but please know that credentials do not mean a thing, they need to be backed by action and for those who already know me I believe you will now be able to see I am for real and I am in this industry to do one thing and one thing only; Help as many people achieve the lifestyle and happiness they have always dreamed of and that they deserve!

· Associate of Arts Degree
· Bachelor of Arts Degree
· Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science
· Masters Degree in Management
· Ph.D. in Personal and professional Human Change Management.
· FAA: Certified Private Pilot
· FA:A Instrument Pilot
· FAA: Commercial Pilot
· FAA: Certified Flight Instructor Rating Airplane Single Engine and Multiengine Instrument Airplane
· NLP Practitioner Certification
· NLP Master Practitioner
· NLP Teach the Teacher
· NLP Master Trainer
· Basic Hypnotherapy Certification
· Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification
· Masters Hypnotherapy Certification
· Teach The Teacher Hypnotherapy Certification
· Master Trainer Hypnotherapy
· Anodyne Practitioner
· Anodyne Medical Therapist
· Anodyne Trainer
· Anodyne master Trainer
· Certified Personal and Executive Coach: College of Executive coaching
· Personal Certified Coach
· Peak Performance Coach
· Master Peak Performance Coach
· International Coach Federation Qualified
· ISSA: Certified Personal Trainer
· ISSA: Certified Specialist in Nutrition
· ISSA: Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist
· Olympic Certified Master Trainer in Conditioning, Nutrition and Psychological Advancements.
· Member of the International Board of Ethical And Professional Standards
· Member of The United Nations
· Member of The American Board of hypnotherapy
· Member of The Canadian Board of Hypnotherapy
· Member of The Spanish Board of Hypnotherapy
· Member of the British Hypnotherapy Board
· Member of The British Association of Psychology
· Member of the Institute of Professional Psychologists

I have owned and operated several businesses including:

Olympic Tan. LLC
Olympic Gym. LLC
Real Estate Management Group: REMG. LLC
Cloud 9. LLC
Olympic Fitness and Conditioning. LLC
Olympic Body Building Preparation Centers. LLC
Owned 87 Real Estate Ventures. LLC
Client Centered Consulting. LLC
The Pillars of Excellence: Optimum Performance Coaching and Life Enhancement Technologies. LLC
The Pillars of Excellence: Optimum Performance Consulting. LLC
Pillars Productions. LLC
Pillars Promotions. LLC
Pillars Intelligence Agency. LLC
Pillars Foundation. LLC
Pillars Research and Development. LLC
Pillars Talent Agency. LLC
Pillars Bite-Size Seminars. LLC
Pillars Bite Size Workshops. LLC
Pillars Character Centered Leadership. LLC

I have worked very hard to achieve these credentials and accomplishments, but I must continue to make sure you understand that it is what I do with them that count. This is why I will consistently bring to you real information in many different areas of human performance and development. I hope my joy and happiness show because this is what really makes me the happiest. I promise that I will spend the rest of my life brining to you the most powerful life enhancement technology so you can enjoy life to its fullest!

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be such an important part of your life, this is an honor which I will take with pride and make a difference in as many lives as possible!

Keep your eyes open for this extraordinary man! He is really making a name for himself and people are beginning to take notice. I enjoyed my sit down with him, in fact when I left his office I felt like I was transformed just sitting talking with him. He is one of the most charismatic and energetic people I have ever met.

Julie Preston

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