Saturday, 14 July 2007

The History and Reality of NLP


At the Pillars of Excellence, Dr. John P. DeMann, Founder and Creator, has created a mission that cultivated a culture in the organization where all who are a part of this extraordinary organization believe everyone in the world deserves to have the opportunity to receive the best training possible to enhance the quality, not only of their life, but the quality of other peoples life’s as well. In fact, Dr. DeMann has always made it his dream to one day bring expensive courses like NLP, Hypnosis and other high priced programs to the world where those who need it the most do not have to be sold into buying the course with techniques that bring guilt to those who really can’t afford it. You know the sales pitch we are talking about, it goes like this: “if you can’t find the money, you don’t want it bad enough!”

This tactic is one of the most powerful brainwashing and persuading tactics used in getting people to buy out of guilt and fear that they will be past up by the group if they don’t follow through. This is unfair and we believe it is unethical as hell so we are beginning a war on those who want to take advantage of those who are in the most need of powerful technologies that can change their life. We challenge anyone to say one negative comment about the program we are about to provide all who have always wanted to do the NLP courses, but have not had the funds to get this powerful technology. We even challenge the original creators themselves, why, because since NLP has been created due to current research it is no longer the same program it once was. In fact, it is much better, however this is not because the founders made it so, and it is because finally someone has come along and decided to do the right thing with this powerful technology. They have not only brought the technology up to date with current research, they have also made this astronomically expensive technology affordable for all. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the creators and their efforts; however Dr. DeMann believes that they really dropped the ball when they created it because they did absolutely nothing to try and get the technology to grow properly. They failed to operate this product with correct business planning and legal protection that should be used to get the technology to grow and change with the times.

How can this claim be made, first they never took the time to copyright it properly so it could be overseen and developed properly by professionals who are versed in research methods. We are really sorry this never happened, but we are not going to sit on our rumps and do nothing about it, we are taking responsibility for a mistake that should have been corrected a long time ago by its original creators. The truth is the mistakes have been corrected in a very big way by Dr. DeMann who has taken NLP and really overhauled it to make it more effective than it has ever been. He has removed material that has been shown in research to be ineffective and even harmful and added much detail to the technologies that have worked and made them work even better.

In the original creators lack of responsibility they never took the time to make the program respectable in the world of mental health care and personal and professional development. They never tried to get it into the business world where it can turn failing businesses into overnight successes if used appropriately. This is what happens when fortune and fame comes fast as it did for the original creators and no one is there to oversee the irresponsible possibilities that occur when large sums of money come flying in from all directions. The fame part of the problem makes it even worse where no one was there to keep the creators and their entourage grounded during the initial publicity of NLP. If they had done what responsible researchers would have done they would have processed what they created in a professional and proper way so those who used the technology would have had the opportunity to spread new knowledge and research to NLP, but instead they tried to close it off to the masses and keep it all to themselves and in the end relationships were ruined along with the loss of a great technology that had been given birth which if cultivated with the right attention would have created something that today Dr. DeMann has in his extensive research found. Let’s just say Dr. DeMann took off where they left off and has created a step by step process that allows all who take the training, even kids, pass without trouble and has literally created a paint by numbers approach so everyone can use the systems properly and efficiently. Also, Dr. DeMann and the Pillars of Excellence have decided to protect NLP even if they cannot copyright it. They have created a system that allows for all practitioners of this extraordinary technology a way to improve on it as more research comes available that is relevant to NLP and other like technologies that provide the public proper mental health care and personal and professional development.

With that in mind please except Dr. DeMann’s apology to have to bring to light the truth and possibly hurt the feelings of some really bright minds, but in the world of academia there is no room for this type of irresponsible behavior, no matter what the outcome of the neglect brings. In the spirit of knowledge and creation we still thank the creators for what they did do and that was give birth to something that had a great deal of potential. However, this is not the first time this has happened so we will express our greatest appreciation to those who created the initial version of NLP, but it is now time to give the world, all of the technology most are paying in excess of $30,000.00 or more and in pounds approximately £15,000.00. That’s right; you have seen it, the ridiculous price that was being charged using the “smugglers” approach in influence, propaganda and persuasion for only a portion of NLP. We want to remind everyone that in the beginning of NLP and its inception the creators wrote the first volume called: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Volume 1: The Study of Subjective experience with the intention of writing Volume 2, but due to their irresponsibility in research and development they were sidetracked by fame and fortune and failed to complete the second volume which left a subject full of incomplete work. In truth, we believe that NLP was never intended to be completed which gave it its “mystic” feeling where all who wanted the technology would have to go to the creators to learn the rest. In short, the law of scarcity was being used, probably unintentionally, to drive more and more people to learn NLP from the “so called experts.” The problem is no one has ever really completed the project until now.

Today, due to the lack of completion, we now have loads of self proclaimed experts who sell the material at astronomical prices by using the same approach the founders used in the beginning. Since there has been no real academic research behind NLP in its entirety the so called experts can claim whatever they desire which usually falls into the cult like activities that hypnotize people into believing the answers lay in the hands of the few gurus who remain.

Dr. DeMann and the Pillars of Excellence has made it their mission to stop this madness and bring to you, with no sales gimmicks, a way to earn your certifications with pride and dignity where we have completed the research and are proud to say we are continuing the research to make NLP better every day in ways that reflect true academic research method. With us you will not be given myth or theory, you will be given material that has been proven effective and that has been enhanced every time new research is found. In short, we believe that NLP and other personal development technologies must withstand academic scrutiny in order to be given ethically to the public so they can experience workable solutions that have been tested rigorously and proven effective.

The truth is that people were charging the outrageous amounts because people were willing to pay, but this is only one of the reasons people paid that amount. In a moment I will provide you with other reasons people would pay what most could not afford. However, we need to point out that most of the NLP trainers, not all, were using unethical marketing techniques that made one believe they had to have it no matter what the price was. In fact, many of these smugglers would say to the unsuspecting victim; “if you can’t find the money, you must not want it bad enough!” This is a typical guilt trip avenue many sales people use in order to con their victims into purchasing something not worth the price being asked. They would also use the typical approach that would leave the victim needing the next level of training in order to feel like they could use NLP effectively, creating an even more uncontrollable desire to purchase that next level. Some instructors/smugglers would even use the approach that they had the remaining answer to NLP. They did this by using mystical names for their products that created an even more driving need to want to know if it was the answer to all their problems. Of course it helps when the sales force uses psychological techniques that borderline unethical brainwashing technologies that back in the states have laws protecting its citizens from the smuggler who uses this type of influence in unethical ways. In fact, in the states if you think you have been taken advantage of you have a right to return the product no matter what with no questions asked within 3 days of the purchase?

So without any further explanation it is time to provide you with a special that you will not want to miss. We have decided to bring to an end the craziness of the “NLP rip off” that is now in full swing in the UK and other parts of the world. How would you like to have, no matter your financial situation or other predicaments, the opportunity to get all the NLP Certifications and other amazing tools at extraordinary prices and workable time structures without having to ask your employer for the time off or if you own your own business have the ability to not miss work? We have even heard of people having to quit their jobs so they could attend one of the NLP programs because the NLP organization put themselves in front of the client. Now there will be no reason to take time off, quit your job or go broke getting proper certification! Also how would you like to have an extraordinary support structure that when you are done you will not just be certified by Dr. DeMann and the Pillars of Excellence, but by 4 major certification boards, listed below, where you will be recognized as a leading expert in the field of personal and professional development. You are also getting the only NLP training that has been fully accredited and approved to provide continuing education credit. Our NLP training is CEU accredited!!!

We have created the training program so there are two options available for you to choose from; one is done during the afternoon from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and then on two consecutive weekends from 9:00am to 6pm. The other option is provided at night from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and then on two consecutive weekends from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We have also done this so that each group graduates on the same day so everyone can connect to create their own practice groups and work on their skills. You will also receive the only NLP after care program that raises a person’s ability to use the subject learned 667% more effectively than the typical NLP training organization. Now there are no excuses, no reasons to take work off or if you want instead of asking for a full week off you can work in the morning. Either way you are covered. We also have built into the system a way to make up days so if for any reason you have to miss a day or two you can make them up immediately and graduate with your class.

We also have pride in our teaching ability on the fact that not one person has ever failed our courses. Why? Many organizations pride themselves on their failure rate, we believe if a student should ever fail a course we teach it is the teacher’s responsibility and failure to reach that student and this is why we have the top NLP instructors in the world. The reason people pass our training is because it reflects on our instructors, Dr. John P. DeMann has trained all of them personally so he has created a consistent program of teaching where the instructor MUST use training lesson plans that are to be followed to the “T”. Dr. DeMann is by far the best in the industry and we say this with pride as he is gaining the reputation of being the one who is taking a billion dollar training industry that has really failed and has begun turning it around using his special technology of teaching so all training can be done with greater success rates.

Dr. DeMann has more degrees then a thermometer, but as we all know, that does not tell us a thing unless he has the ability to use what he has learned and in this case teach it effectively to others so they too can use it effectively. This he has proven, having yet to fail a student, Dr. DeMann has a 100% success rate, But we do want to say that anyone who rejects higher education and says it is not really needed, is only trying to cover up their own lack of education. We say that higher education cannot hurt. In fact, Dr. DeMann has always prided his work on research and one thing is for sure, he does not allow any information to pass on to his customers unless the information has been truly and successfully shown to work in studies approved by university standards. In short, you are going to be given research backed material that you can back up when you teach it; which is the one part that brings credibility to any topic of study. You can also be proud when you complete the courses because we hold the highest level of standards in the industry.

To show you how important this is, the Pillars of Excellence and Dr. DeMann believes money back guarantees are really a minimum in terms of what a client should get in receiving compensation for their efforts when they feel they have not received what was promised. We believe time is also important so what we will do for you is not only provide you a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the program, in any way, we will also remit your salary you would have made if you were at work instead. This also holds for those who attend the night training, for example even if they work during the day and have not missed any work you will get a refund. Why would we do something so generous, because at the Pillars of Excellence YOU WILL LEARN THE MATERIAL TO A LEVEL THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO SUCCEED! We also know that people who get quality training will never jeopardize the opportunity to receive training from that company or organization in the future if they are satisfied the first time. This is the best guarantee in the personal and professional development industries by far!

The success rate of our students is 100% in 23 years of business! Does this mean we are perfect? No, in fact we have had complaints, but because we are doing this for the right reasons we always have the solution to fix any problem. Why? Because we use the technology that we teach! Failure is not failure unless you do nothing about it. Failure is truly feedback and will allow you to become the best you can be if you put to use the natural principles in the courses designed by Dr. DeMann. Below are the program dates for the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Teach the Teacher programs we are offering.

On August 3 thru August 5: NLP Practitioner Certification $999.00 or in pounds approximately £497.00 depending on the exchange rate of the day.

On August 6 thru August 9: NLP Master Practitioner Certification $1,499.00 or in pounds approximately £746.00 depending on the exchange rate of the day.

On August 10 thru August 12: NLP Teach the Teacher for $999.00 or in pounds approximately £497.00 depending on the exchange rate of the day.

We are also offering the unprecedented offer of a lifetime for NLP training:

On August 3 thru August 12 we are providing the “NLP TOTAL PACKAGE” where you receive all the NLP training Certification; NLP Practitioner Certification, NLP Master Practitioner Certification, NLP Train the Trainer Certification for ONLY $2,500.00 or in pounds approximately £1,243.00 depending on the exchange rate of the day.

You might be asking, “ Why is this such a good deal, there must be something to this that I am not seeing or that they are going to spring on me at the last minute. Let us tell you right now, this is no gimmick and it is our policy at the Pillars of Excellence training that there is to be no selling tactics during training and we take this serious. We believe if training is good it will sell itself by word of mouth. Now obviously you are receiving this advertisement, but how else do we get the word out. The idea is that when you pay for a class with the Pillars of Excellence we believe every minute of that class is yours and if we spend anytime selling you other products or if we leave you needing more to complete the job, like so many of the organizations do, we are not doing our job.

As you can see we are not afraid of being up front and honest about the process of the smugglers in this business and we will always do our best to inform you of their unethical tactics. We commit to give you quality training so you can apply what you receive in our courses to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you!

Let us share with you some more of the credentials you will be able to associate with when you complete our training and some of our credentials:

The American Association for Higher Education, located in Washington DC

The World Wide Web Chamber Of Commerce

Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc.

The International Distance Educator's Association

The Florida Distance Learning Association

The United States Distance Learning Association

The International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis

We are affiliated with the oldest continuing, and most prestigious hypnosis organization in the world The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists founded in 1950-1 in the UK

The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy located in Canada

The Australian and Spanish Hypnotherapy Associations

The UK’s Psychological Society

Pebble Hills University

We at the Pillars of Excellence hope this information will allow you to make a more informed decision as our goal is for all who associate with our organization to receive only the best of information available. Please consider joining us in making this world a more ethical and prosperous place for all to live. Let’s send the message to anyone who thinks they can come to the UK or any part of the world and take advantage of anyone in need or those just wanting to live a more productive and fulfilling life.


selfbelief said...

Just a wee bit over the top.
The people who have discovered the value of a logical working of the mind to bring about mental changes of attitude/behaviour. Do not really have the responsibility in seeing that people use it. or to market the free to every one mind-utilities.

The medical/educational establishment
innovators are the ones that mr. what was the name again?
attack. They should take it up and run with it.
Only the Fortune 500 companies have NLP firmly harnessed to manipulation. The Yuppees gladly paying big bucks to learn and use it.
Ray Trevor Twine MA

Dr. John P. DeMann said...

Might be over the top, but explain the 30,000 dollars that people charge for a subject that is not worth that or at best should not be held back just foir those who can afford it. I like the idea that I am in the industry to help all people, not just rich people.

With regards to the medical community how could they with a product that never was completed?

Dr. John P. DeMann said...

Oh, by the way, the tactics you are using on your site are the same as I explain in the NLP Blog, Influence from the Smuggle! Go scare the world into selling your idea, don't sell them on the facts, use propaganda, as so many today use to take advantage of unsuspecting victims!! Not with me, I will always sell my product with the client in mind, not my own boistrous ideas that the world is coming to an end.