Thursday, 25 October 2007

Local MDs Now Have Option For Fitness and Life Improvement

Local MDs Now Have Option for Fitness

Mason Ohio 10-25-2007: By Dana E. Reasons, The Star Report -- Over the past few years, more physicians have been writing prescriptions for exercise as a way to reduce health risks stemming from obesity or to treat certain medical conditions. Some have been referring patients to personal trainers as a way to help them establish sound exercise routines and encourage compliance.

Personal trainers can provide exercise prescription details that are often not taught in medical schools. They assess body fat, strength, flexibility, and balance before designing a thorough and specific workout program that usually includes a combination of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises. Due to their flexible hours and settings, personal trainers are also often a good option for patients who find it difficult to get to physical therapy locations.

Dr. John P. DeMann, certified fitness professional and certified personal and executive coach specializes in helping clients to decrease body fat percentage while increasing lean muscle tissue. He also believes in helping clients create an image of power and vitality along with their work that he feels will be the main reason people will be recognized for promotion. He uses a weight-training regimen combined with cardiovascular exercise, sensible nutrition and a flexibility program. He also uses a personal and professional coaching program that promotes the clients personal and professional development so they can realize their dreams. Research shows that those in shape and whose life is in order are more likely to get promotions. Many may not like this statement, but like anything else in life it may not be fair, but it is true!"

This country is plagued with an epidemic of high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle diseases,” reports Dr. John P. DeMann, owner of Pillars of Excellence located in Mason Ohio. With nearly 1 in 4 people affected, it is very common for Medical doctors to tell their patients to lose weight and get into better physical shape. Now, when the doctor tells the patient they need to be better about their fitness levels, I step in to show them how. I also show them that behavior modification is a key factor as well. The truth is that life is a challenge and those who can make the best of what they do are going to be the ones who create the tomorrows and make the world what it is. I assure you that I am going to help as many people make the best of their life so I can at least be a part of making the world something better each and every day.”

Increasingly more doctors are using the services of qualified personal trainers and personal and professional coaches to assist them in helping their clients achieve not only an optimal weight and body mass index, but also a life they have always dreamed of. The truth is that when people are happy they live longer more fulfilling lives. For more information on how you can work with a personal trainer and personal and professional coach contact the Pillars of Excellence. You may go to our web-site at or call 513-336-7172.

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