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Five Ways to Get in Shape For The Summer

Five Ways to Get In Shape For The Summer
By Dr. John P. DeMann

Mason, Ohio 3/30/2008 – The first days of spring means the sun is coming out and it’s time to reveal those abdominal muscles, shoulders, and arms.

For some it’s a good thing, and for others there is some room for improvement. We asked the experts at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to tell us the 5 most powerful ways to get in shape, and stay in shape, for the upcoming summer months.

If you haven’t heard of the ISSA, they are the organization that literally teaches the nation’s top personal trainers how to get their clients into shape. Below is what the Technical support staff of the trainers to the personal trainers told us on how to get ready for the coming summer months:

1. Exercise every day – Old research said you must exercise 30 minutes a day, but the latest experts suggest this just isn’t enough. What do you need to get in the best shape of your life? 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, daily.
2. Eat 5-7 small meals per day – Yes, you heard that right! Small frequent meals throughout the day not only levels out your blood sugar, decreasing the lows you may experience throughout the day, but eating sensibly, and often, will provide your muscles and body with the appropriate nutrition you need to get you through your entire day.
3. Reduce your calories by 300 per day (if over daily amount) – There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So if you cut your calories by 300 per day, times 30 days in a month, that is a 9000 calorie deficit -- approximately 2 ½ half pounds. Combine this with exercise and you are virtually guaranteed to win the fight against the fat covering up your sexy abdominal section.

4. Consult a personal trainer – Let’s face it; personal trainers know their stuff. They train, study, and devote themselves to being a better health and fitness expert every day. They work out every day, eat smart, and are right in the middle of several teams of experts. If you just booked one session to ensure you are on the right track, your body will thank you for it. Not to mention your significant other.

5. Lift weights with little to no rest between sets – Here’s the fun part. The goal here is to increase your heart rate, get vigorous exercise, and above all else, stay moving! And lifting weights is one of the best ways to do it. Not only does properly lifting weights strengthen your musculoskeletal system and help keep your bones together, but a strength training program is key in developing a sexy, strong, physically attractive body. And by not resting in between sets, you will keep your heart rate up, telling your body to burn that body fat!

About Dr. DeMann, Ph.D., PCC, CPEC/ICF, ISSA

He is Dr John Paul DeMann Ph.D., CPEC, and PCC/ICF
The Founder & Creator of the Pillars of Excellence Organization

“He has more degrees than a thermometer!”

AS- Liberal Arts and Business Administration
BS – Management with a minor in Marketing
BA – Liberal Arts and Business Administration
MAS – Aeronautical Engineering with a minor in Business Management and Administration
BS – Psychology
MS – Psychology with Nutrition, Sport Conditioning and Wellness
Ph.D. – Psychology (Positive) - University of Berkeley

• ATP: Airline Transport Pilot – The required credential to captain commercial aircraft.
• Certified Flight Instructor (CFIIEIMEI) - The right to teach all aircraft ratings from student to commercial.
• He has flown Boeing 767s as a first officer for a commercial operator.
• As well as DC-9s as a Captain, also for a commercial operator.
• Accumulated a total of 12,500+ hours of flight time
• Accumulated 2500+ hours of flight instruction.
• Accumulated 2000+ hours’ aerobatic training and instruction.

Dr. DeMann is the creator of NPFT; Neuro Physio Flow Therapy. This is part of the copyrighted dynasty that includes the acclaimed life changing Audio program Soteria that includes the GPA: Life Enhancement Therapy.

He has built many successful businesses including a portfolio of eighty-five properties.
He has achieved national & professional champion athlete status in two different sports and earned recognition as a professional WWF wrestler!

He holds the following certifications:
1. NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Teach the Teacher
2. Hypnosis Basic, Advanced, Master & Teach the Teacher
3. A Certified Personal and Executive Coach: College of Executive Coaching.
This Requires a Masters degree or higher in Human development and Psychology.
4. Personal Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
5. Anodyne Practitioner, Anodyne Medical Therapist and Anodyne Trainer Certificates.
6. PSYK-K Certified Practitioner and Trainer.
7. Several high profiled assessment programs recognized by many of the Psychological Association Boards as high quality assessment tools that require certification at high standards.

Dr. DeMann carries out extensive research in the area of coaching in personal life and business development. He has created his own coaching models that reflect current research in the Humanistic Perspective styles, behavioral styles, cognitive styles, Integrative and cross theory approaches in coaching and personal & professional development.

He is certified by the following Boards:
1. The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists.
2. The Professional Board of Hypnotherapists Canada.
3. The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards America & ritain.
4. The American Medical Board using Anodyne where he has earned the practitioner, Anodyne Medical Therapist Certification and Anodyne Trainer Certification.

Dr. DeMann has helped to create a ground breaking revolutionary new programmed called Anodyne. It combines NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Hypnosis and has been approved by the Duke University National Board.

His book ‘The Pillars of Excellence’ which is stocked by all the Barnes & Noble branches in the USA & pending for Waterstones and WH Smith in the UK, has already sold past the 500,000 mark in the first 3 months of this year alone! As such, it is well on its way to hitting the Top Spot on the New York Times Bestseller’s List and will of course be an International Success very soon after!

Here are just a few of the countries that Dr. DeMann has spoken, coached in and conducted many of the seminars he has created and qualified to teach:
• Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Norway & Sweden.

He has also worked with the following companies:
• Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, National Banking Trust, Trans World Airlines, NWA, SWA, Great Lakes Airlines, Affleck Corporation, Emery Corp; Heritage Corp; Wilmington Rotaries, Teen Corp, ABX Incorporated,

As well as in these sports arenas:
• WWF (or WWE as it is now referred to), UCW and WCW (a.k.a. Wrestling!)
• Top American Baseball & Football teams.

John has visited many schools, empowering countless children! He has fantastic success with people suffering from dyslexia and also teaches people to learn how to learn, how to find their inner power and how to live a life with Purpose & Focus!

He will be visiting schools in Britain to show how to help a child go from, for example, a seemingly hopeless mischief maker, who cannot concentrate, who is ‘going nowhere’ - to an A grade student! And it’s not a long winded ‘process’ that takes weeks or months! It’s done and dusted in less than a day!

These teachings are, unfortunately - and quite CLEARLY, not taught in schools! This is why he is so committed to changing the way that we are being ‘taught’!

In the near future, The Pillars Family will be sponsoring youngsters through university and setting up weekend meetings where people can come together to build their own mastermind groups to encourage each other to stick with their development as well as to get extra coaching.

He has also pioneered a program that shows people how to improve their memory to a fantastic level very quickly. Can you imagine what this can do for children in schools?! Let alone the society at large!

He also happens to be introducing a revolutionary new program & concept that will flip the medical profession right on its head!

Anyone who acts on the teachings in his book ‘The Pillars of Excellence’ and seminar (Soteria) is going to go through the roof in regards to excellence in ALL areas of their life!

Phone: 513-544-4483
Address: 7577 Central Parke Blvd.
Suite 135
Ohio 45040

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