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Join Me In a Very Important Meeting

Where is personal development going and where does it need to be headed. Today we are seeing a true miss-direction and more important a non-growth in the research in developing the field of personal development. It is currently in the hands of people who really have no idea as to how to develop the field and there seriously needs to be a real change in the process of developing serious research in the field.

The following is what I believe is lacking in the field, but I want to create an on-line convention of experts who want to help develop a more serious approach to the development of quality in the process of giving the public a serious procedure in making it more professional. I will set up the convention with some of the ideas I have come up with, but I will make sure anyone willing to get involved to help develop the field in such a way it gives it more credibility where it can be turned over to academia so it can get the real attention it needs. I believe it needs to be seriously considered and more research given to the field. This is my goal, it will be my lives work and that is what I committed to in my education and promise to my professional attention to really make a difference in the field.

The following is some of the ideas I have come up with in regards to more attention, but I believe more input from qualified others as committed to the development of personal development. We in the field need to get serious about creating a researched and developed process for people to improve the quality of their lives and to reach their true potential. I also want to point out in the 25 plus years of my work in this area and my work in my dissertation has helped me to find real solutions to the personal development arena.

•Spiritual Development:
•Physical Development
•Mental development
•Emotional Development
•Social Development
•Service Development
•Leadership/Professional Development
•Love/Connection Development
•Financial Development
•Life Mastery and Excellence Development

In the above areas I have left out what I have found to be helpful because I also believe that each of us need something a little different, something more personal, in creating what will work for each individual. With this in mind let’s get together and begin to work on developing something more credible.

There are a lot of great ideas, but as I have said many times I believe in an eclectic approach so this is the main purpose to get more people involved. One way to do this is to ask each of you to express your ideas by writing an essay on what you have found that has worked for you.

I have selected each of you personally because I know you personally believe in personal development and I have seen your ideas which I believe are in-line with where this field needs to go. So with this said I ask that you please set aside the time to attend the on-line convention so we can discuss where to go from here. Positive psychology have done a great job moving in a direction that is helpful, but it has not done such a great job in making it useful in disseminating it to others. It’s done what most academic topics do and that is to keep it closely guarded and untouchable for those who are not in the academic field.

Now is the time for all of us to show those who want to guard psychology from practical applications that it’s time to move in a more applicable direction. Below I have provided a date and time for the first of several meetings. I also want to ask anyone who wants to get more involved to help facilitate this process. Anyone interested to present their own ideas please contact me at and we can discuss how to get your ideas into the mix.

I look forward to the future in truly making personal development a real topic that will be respected for its effectiveness to help others become more than they ever dreamed possible.

In Life and Learning,

Dr. John P. DeMann

Dr. John DeMann invites you to attend this online meeting.

Topic: Direction of Personal Development
Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010
Time: 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
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