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Quantum Physics: Is It The True Nature of Success?

Quantum Physics: Is It The True Nature of Success?
Journal of Human Potential
JHP: Volume 1 Issue 11
By: John P. DeMann, Ph.D.

In this Journal Article for the Journal of Human Potential I am going to look into the laws of Quantum Success. Now, please understand that Quantum Physics in the area of personal and professional development have some questions to be answered before we can take It as fact, but I think we can all agree that our conscious and unconscious mind have great power. Our unconscious mind has extraordinary power over our lives and the fact remains that if we can use the power of the conscious and unconscious minds we can do extraordinary things. I think we can all agree that to control our unconscious mind we need to use our conscious mind to change the triggers that have been created during our lifetime of experiences.

Becoming involved consciously in your personal growth is what we really want and at the Pillars of Excellence it is the foundation of our approach. No one ever won a battle unconsciously, Caesar never took victory from his opponents from his unconscious mind nor did he become the leader of Rome. The same is true for Alexander the Great. He took the world knowingly with a conscious plan. Knowing this let us now show you how to take your strengths with you on your journey and use them consciously and pounce on every opportunity to become the person you want to become. Anyone who has experienced great success first created that success in their mind before any action was taken. But notice that once they created what it was they wanted action was the main part that made them succeed. I cannot stress this enough, take action after you create what you want!

In Quantum Success we have all seen the idea of using a dream board as a way to get the life we are seeking, but I am a little skeptical of this. I am not saying don’t do it I am only saying I think it may be a way for humans to NOT think about what they want. You see we use task lists to let go of what it is we need to do and I believe we often use dream boards the same way. They allow us to put off the outcome we seek. Thinking is not an easy task, so if I ask a client to think about their perfect day every day for one week the average number of days they tell me they get the exercise in is 3. This means it is hard to do many things consistently like it is when we exercise physically as an example.

Let’s look at some of the laws that exist in the quantum world and personal growth/development. First however please know that when I say personal growth I am also speaking of professional growth as well. They all go hand in hand and the way I see it if you are improving the quality of your life then you must be improving your professional life as well. Now on with the important laws that we must know if we truly want to use the quantum world in our life to live the life we want to live.

The first law of success is the Law of Manifestation: This law demonstrates how something comes into being. It is really that part of creation that says creation is started in the mind first as Robert collier noted when he said: “The primal cause is mind. Everything must start with an idea. Every event, every condition, everything is first an idea in the mind.” Wow, that to me is so basic that I think sometimes we forget that our minds are the starting point of all creation. Look around you today and see what the mind has done. It has created beautiful homes, buildings, statues, paintings and it has also created extraordinary businesses, computers, technologies that make our life much more simple and safe. There are many more examples, but I think you get the point.

The second law is the Law of Magnetism: This law states that we attract what we put out. This is seen in emotions when we are affected by other people’s emotions or they are affected by ours. What happens when we are around someone who is always complaining about the work they do? It makes you start to focus on all the bad that you experience at work. We also see this when we are around more positive people they begin to rub off on us as we do on them. I like what Ernest Holmes said: “Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere and through this power we are either attracting or repelling. Like attracts like and we attract just what we are in mind.” Another example is the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. He says, “We need to tend the garden of our mind.” The point is that if we are not aware of our thoughts, as many of us are not, we allow the weeds of others thinking to trap us into their way of thinking which is often negative. But, if we tend to the thoughts of our minds we will attract others if the thoughts we think are attractive. Our thinking can truly act as a magnet so if we consciously think attractive thoughts we will attract attractive thinking people.

The next law is the Law of Pure Desire: When we are motivated by pure intention we can be assured of beneficial outcomes. The tip of the tongue phenomenon says that we know what it is we want to say, but we just cannot get it out because we are not able to remember what it is we want to remember. We see this when we are trying to remember a name along with a group. It becomes a competition so we become stressed and when that happens all the blood leaves the brain and goes to the limbs and organs to fight the stress and we cannot think. Then several hours later we all of the sudden remember the name. This happens even if we are not thinking about it because when we ask our mind a question it remembers the question. The reason we remember the name is because we become relaxed, we usually remember the name as we are lying in bed or watching TV or doing something that is relaxing that has allowed the brain to receive blood to be able to think. The point is that when we are relaxed and thinking about pure thoughts we receive pure answers. If we are relaxed and we are thinking about what we want in life we will receive an answer that is of pure desire.

The forth law is the Law of Paradoxical Intent: Desperation pushes away that which one is trying to get. Desperation is negative energy and that negative energy is what creates repulsion. This is why it is called the paradoxical intent, you want something, but because the desire is so intense it becomes a desperate need and in that desperation people will throw off a negative energy that gives others the feeling that something about the person is wrong. In other words the desperation gives you the opposite. This is one of the reasons money is often so elusive. We all want to be rich, to have a life that is filled with luxuries and we often get stuck thinking about having all that stuff and it gets us desperate for having. The truth is wanting to be rich never works, if you ever want to have a lot or an abundance of anything the intent to have it must come from a true desire to help others or give others a better life. Anyone who says their intent is to be rich never seems to ever get rich, but those who say they are compelled to help others or create things that help others in certain ways are usually the ones who receive abundance.

The fifth law is the Law of Harmony: This law states that we must be in balance. It really is very simple to understand, but for many it is very hard to get. The Pillars of Excellence was created for the purpose of creating harmony in your life. We are all made of the same ingredients, in other words we all have a spiritual nature, physical nature and mental nature. We are also emotional and social beings who want to establish connection with those around themselves and with their environment. We as humans need to know we are giving back in some way so we also have a service need and finally we are all in need of leading. You see this with people wanting to be able to have the ability to make their own choices. The short of it is to be successful in life we must have success in all areas, not just one or two. For example; if you had all the money you could ever spend, but you were so unhealthy you could not go and experience life physically you would not experience life to its fullest. The point here is to get into living a full life that focuses on caring for all parts of life not just those parts that look appealing, sometimes we need to do those things that are not as fun as other activities, but to experience those great desires we must be fit in the not so great parts of life.

The next law is The Law of Right Action: This law says that if we want to experience life in ways that supports value, honor, and dignity we must act in ways that support value, honor and dignity. Here is where I think we find ourselves in terms of who we really are. This is also one of the most difficult areas of life that most people have to deal with. Looking at this from the Law of Harmony we can say that doing activities that are good for us, others and the environment creates harmony, but the only way that this can happen is in right action. We must do right if we want good to come to us. The Law of Right Action is best applied looking at Seligman’s 24 character strengths and virtues. I speak of these in my book and in Soteria. For the sake of understanding this law, just understand that if we ever want to live life in a way that supports happiness we must make sure we keep a watchful eye on what we think and do and make sure that our thoughts and actions are in line with natural law and principle.

The final law we will seek to understand is the Law of Expanding Influence: Throughout history those who have succeeded are the ones that could influence others and themselves. The sad truth is that many do not understand the influence they do have in the world. We all have the ability to influence the world in big ways, but it is only those who are bold enough to take a stab at influencing themselves and others that are the ones who will make a difference in the world. Look at the leaders of the world; are they not able to use the power of influence to get others to follow? Natural law says that inside each of us there are built in laws that make us get along; one of these laws is the law of reciprocation. Here if we are given something or someone helps another in some way they get a feeling, a driving desire or force to reciprocate the favor. This is one of the most powerful laws of human nature. The Pillars of Excellence: Six Laws of Influence teaches you how to use the 6 natural laws of influence to enhance the quality of your life and the life of others. When you understand how to influence others and the environment you begin to expand the influence you have in life. In other words the more you begin to consciously influence your own world the more influence you have and the more power you create in your own life. When you use influence properly you also begin to expand the number of people you influence and that means you become a driving force in nature where you can really make a difference in the world.

Understanding the above laws and implementing them can have extraordinary effects on you and your environment. Remember what I said above and what I say in all my programs; if you learn anything, but you fail to use what you learn it is as if you never learned the information in the first place. To not use what you learn is one of the biggest problems people have in life. We love comfort and change does not feel comfortable. I always believe that the level of discomfort you are willing to experience in life is directly proportionate to the level of success you will ever experience as well. In short, the more discomfort you can handle the more success you will experience. Use what you learn and life will give you rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Life is supposed to be adventurous, but no one ever said life was going to be easy. The day I decided to use everything I learned was the day I felt very uncomfortable, but it was also the day that life began rewarding me with the fruits that are waiting for all of us who try new things. Let me know how these 7 Laws work for you and always remember that life is supposed to be an adventure so go out and be a leader of life and experience the fruits that effort provides!

John P. DeMann, Ph.D., MPPC, CPEC, ICF, PCC, M.Insp.Psy

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