Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Exercise of The Day: Building Self-Regard

Today and for the next several days I will be working on creating a program for developing Self-Regard. Emotional Intelligence is an important part of who we are, in fact, research shows that most companies are looking for those who have a high level of emotional intelligence. The purpose for this exercise is to develop your recognition of the process in building your own self-regard. When you complete the following exercise you will begin to create an internal dialog of self exploration which will, over time,build self-regard.

With each exercise I will also try to show how emotional intelligence is being used in different areas of life. Today I want to show you how it is used in the hiring process at one of the most successful airlines in the world. To protect the airlines process I will not mention who it is, but just try to see why they employ the process explained and see how you can see how it can influence your life in a positive way.

The airline I am speaking of believes the power of emotional intelligence so much one of their first job interview activities is one that clears out most of the applicants in one swoop. The exercise has the applicants give a talk for 2 minutes about themselves. During the talk you would think that the Human Resource employees conducting the interview would be listening to the speeches, but instead they are watching the individuals watching the speakers.

The reason for this is to determine who is paying attention and who is showing positive regard for the speaker. The look that they are seeking is one that is supportive as this would indicate that the person wants the other to succeed. This requires great self-regard which is very important in having a high level of emotional intelligence. To develop self regard answer the following questions. Again this is the first of three exercises that we will be doing to help you develop self-regard:

1. Describe something you would like to accomplish that would make you feel really good about yourself?

2. What would you have to think of yourself to accomplish your goal?

3. What emotions/feelings would you have to change to achieve the above goal?

4. How will you have to act to make the goal above come true?

5. Ask yourself; what has kept me from thinking, feeling, and acting in these ways up to this point in my life?

Have fun, but be serious when answering the above questions. It is best to take your time and read the questions first then after thinking about them and letting your mind chew on them for a bit go ahead and answer them. Do not worry about perfection, answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. If you are having trouble answering any of them just give yourself more time and allow your thoughts to flow. Relax and the answers will eventually come, but make sure you relax.

One more thing, as I always say with all programs I deliver, it is important to not just answer the questions, you need to act on them. Knowledge is only potential power, knowledge put to use is power. Put to use the answers to the questions and you will find your self-regard growing day by day.

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Dr. John P. DeMann said...

Did you do the exercise? I bet not! I really can't figure out why people like you have to come onto the web-sites of others and make comments as if you are on something. I would suggest that you need to sober up and get some serious help!