Monday, 3 November 2008

Thought Creates

Many of us believe that there is a secret to success. In our seeking this secret I believe we often create an image of something very unique and complicated. In our search it often feels like the secret is in reach, but many of us feel that we are missing an important piece of the secret that will take us to extraordinary levels of achievement. I feel this is the reason we constantly seek the answer and spend a great deal of time and money looking for this seemingly unattainable skill. However, I do believe that the secret we seek is something very attainable and very easy to understand and use.

In my research I have found that we often seek this secret in the wrong place. We look to books, studies, other people we feel have the secret and sometimes ludicrous seminars and courses given by some self proclaimed guru that only milks us of the hard earned money we have earned. Please do not get me wrong, many times we can learn a great deal from books, research, studies and even the self proclaimed guru's, but the truth is we have all used the secret at some point and probably use it daily without even knowing we are using it.

The word education means to bring out. This means that a good teacher is not some "know it all" who spoon feeds their students, but a guide that draws from each of us the knowledge within. We seem to have forgotten the most important tool of gaining knowledge and attainment of success in any area of life, our brain. Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have, but we often fail to trust our own knowledge and rely on others to feed us what we want to know.

To achieve anything we must first understand that thought is required. In fact, thought is the foundation of all success. Take for example the architect who is contracted to build a house. The first step of course was the individual who came up with the idea. The architect is given the idea and begins to create the structure on paper based on the details of the initial idea. What is important to remember is that the idea first came from thought and it is in that thought creation begins. Once the idea is placed on paper and is approved a contractor then comes in and follows the instructions of the architect.

Anyone who has succeeded in creating a business completed a similar process as mentioned above. They came up with the idea, asked experts in certain areas to create the professional plans and the business is off the ground. The ones who are most successful are the ones who created the business, not the ones who worked it or built it, but the one who came up with the idea and got the ball rolling. The point is that true success comes from creation, from ideas and putting ideas in motion.

This week I will provide a simple, but effective exercise that will change your life forever. In fact, this process can be used to accomplish anything. The only skills needed are your ability to define what you want and the ability to "see" in your minds eye the accomplishment of the desired outcome. Also, it is important to believe that you can accomplish your desired outcome. Belief is crucial in the process and proof of this can be seen in the placebo effect. To build belief start small and work this process every day. Building your belief is like building a muscle, it needs exercise.

1. Determine outcome desired.
2. Believe that this outcome is attainable.
3. Visualize the outcome as if it is already attained.
4. Give thanks for achieving it.
5. Take action.
6. Evaluate progress and be flexible. When an action fails learn from it and change your approach.

Note: It is important to see the outcome as if it is already true. During visualization you will experience negative thought, however all you need to do is push that thought out of mind and replace it with the belief that the outcome is received.

One more important point. If you ever want to achieve anything it is imperative that you are enthusiastic. Make certain the outcomes you choose are truly your desires.

Thanks a Million,

John P. De Mann, Ph.D., CPEC, PCC/ICF

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