Monday, 1 November 2010


Let’s face it we live in a world where there are some who are not out to help you even though they say they are. The health and fitness industry is one of the fields this practice is extremely prevalent. We hear the author of some add stating that their main goal in life is to help others achieve their dreams, when in fact, what they are up to is looking for a stealthy way to get your money. Then you have the ones that really do want to help, but because they are doing it for the wrong reasons they are not helping because they failed to put in the hard work required to know what the hell they are talking about. The fact is if you get ripped off by anyone all I can say is you better smarten up and realize the truth about the con artists and the want to be gurus out there. My hope is that I can help you find real knowledge and information that you can use and use with success.

The pattern I want to share with you today is the Healthy Eating Pattern. I have seen so many people get so frustrated because they buy a program or go on some special diet to find that in a year they are worse off than they were when they started. I will give you proven strategies that work and work for everyone if you apply it. Remember, if you want results you are going to have to put in the work! So let’s get to it. This is a process I suggest doing each day which will get you to become aware of how you are eating and it will provide you with the motivation needed to get you to make the right choices. Again, you can’t just read it once and expect it to work, you must read it, internalize it, and use it consistently.


1. Determine if it is time to eat. This should be done based on your activities for the next three hours and should be scheduled times so you can ingest five to six meals a day spaced at three hour intervals between meals.
2. Determine what would be your best choice in terms of nutrition for the meal in consideration.
3. Determine what would be your worst choice in terms of nutrition for the meal in consideration.
4. Compare 2 and 3 and decide which one will make you feel and perform better.
5. Future pace and imagine making the food choice and use imagination to internalize that healthy choice.
6. Test and act out on the choice.

I can’t stress the importance of seeing yourself in your imagination making the correct choice and following through on that choice. Something clicks when we see the outcomes we are after in our minds eye. There are massive amounts of research out there that support this, don’t let this tool go to waste. In fact, use this skill in all you do and you will literally amaze yourself!

Ok, that is it! Now go to work and see if this works for you. Remember that you are the master of your own life so if this does not work well for you try something else. Make changes to what I have provided. Just don’t give up, keep on working to find the solution that will work for you. Just recognize that this pattern has worked for literally thousands of clients and if you give it a solid try it will work for you too, I am sure.

In Learning and Living!

Dr. John P. DeMann

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