Tuesday, 2 November 2010



One of the most important actions we can take is finding our purpose. In fact, I suggest the lack of purpose is the number one life block that prevents us from finding happiness, fulfillment, and success. If you want to live a compelling life, knowing your purpose is a must! That is what I would like to help you do in this pattern.

I want you to look at this in a very simple way. I think many times we get stuck doing this because it is so intimidating due to its large perception of what it means. The pattern has been created with this in mind so that will help some, just try not to get sucked into the belief that you are not ready to define this BIG outcome. You are ready for it and I think you will be amazed, as most that do this pattern with me, are! So let’s get to the pattern:


1. What are your talents and gifts?
2. What do you love to do?
3. What are some problems in the world that could use your talents and gifts?
4. Determine how you can bring together your talents and gifts with what you love to do and apply that to how you can help solve the problems you defined in step 3.
5. Imagine using your talents and gifts and what you love to do in overcoming the problem you defined and overcoming the problem with extreme success. (Future Pace).
6. Test it.
7. Act on it!

I cannot stress the importance of getting your pattern working for you. This is a simple process and a lot of times the simplicity makes people put it off. I hear so many people complain about some area of their life and when they are given a simple way to fix it they complain. That’s when I give them the stop complaining pattern because they are literally addicted to complaining. They are addicted to not getting it solved.

Go to work and enjoy the process, but remember you have to use the pattern for it to work. I look forward to hearing from you to see how this has worked for you.

In Learning and Life!

Dr. John P. DeMann

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