Saturday, 27 November 2010

Never Outshine The Master

Never Outshine The Master:
By: John P. DeMann, Ph.D.

As I sit writing this I am reminding myself of all the shit I could have prevented had I heeded this little piece of advice. The truth is it is in our nature to want to show our boss we have done well, that we did more than they expected. The problem is that the boss does not like the fact that he/she is not getting the credit if the subordinate has made clear he is the producer.

The trick hear is to make sure the boss gets the credit, yet the boss and only the boss realizes he has you to owe for the outcome. Always remember in the end when you are not given the credit the one person that the company will ask if they are qualified for their position is the boss and who do you think he will give the job to? You! However, if you ran around bragging that you save the day you will be the last. In fact he will find more than enough reasons not to get you in his position.

This will take a little swallowing of the pride, but I will promise you one thing, your career depends on it. I don’t care if your boss stole the idea that saved the company you will never win having a show down with your boss. Always remind yourself if that one idea came out of the blue there are a million more just like them. Focus on climbing the corporate latter first then on creating innovative ideas to make a name for yourself.

Just because you allow one person to take a few of your ideas does not mean you have lost something. It only means you have made one move closer to the opposition of the person sitting in the desk above you. Honestly it really does not hurt anyway to help others, especially your boss because in the end you are a team. Just look out for the ones who take the credit for the work you do and realize you need to make it through his lead, but as soon as possible move up the cooperate ladder.

Keep Climbing,

John Paul DeMann, Ph.D.

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